Print Conductor 6.0.1802.5180 (2018) ML/RUS

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Print Conductor 6.0.1802.5180 (2018) ML/RUS
Print Conductor

Print Conductor - простая утилита пакетной печати. Если вы регулярно должны открывать и распечатывать большое количество файлов, данный элегантный инструмент поможет вам сэкономить время. После того как вы укажите файлы которые необходимо распечатать программа автоматизирует остальную часть процесса. Программа проста в использовании. Создает список файлов для печати. Поддерживаются все виды форматов: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Publisher), Autodesk AutoCAD, HTML, SVG и т.д.

Automated Printing of 26 Files Types
• Source DocumentsSupports printing of Adobe ® PDF files, Microsoft ® Word DOC and DOCX documents, Excel XLS and XLSX spreadsheets, PowerPoint PPT and PPTX presentations, Visio VSD drawings, Publisher PUB files, Autodesk AutoCAD ® DXF and DWG drawings, OpenOffice ODT documents, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, DCX and BMP images, XPS, SVG, TXT, WRI, RTF and HTML files.

Control of the Printing Process
• At each moment the user knows how many documents have already been printed and how many remain in the queue. Any documents that failed to print are also reported to the user. After processing the entire list of documents, the program produces a detailed job report.

Support for All Printer Types
• printers-icons-140Print Conductor can print documents on any type of printer: local printers, network printers or virtual printers. Additionally, the user can adjust the settings of the selected printer. You can convert list of documents to PDF, TIFF or JPEG in case if you use Print Conductor together with virtual printer software like Universal Document Converter.

Support for Document Lists
• Add documents to a list using drag & drop, the “Open file” dialog, or automatically scan a selected folder and its subfolders for specific documents types. Sort documents by file name or type, preview them before printing, and/or print a subset of the documents in the list. Document lists can be saved to file for subsequent reuse.

Easy to Install, Understand and Use
• 123cubesPrint Conductor has a simple and intuitive interface. It is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. So you can start printing documents immediately after installing the program – no need to spend time mastering the product.

One Interface for Different Document Types
• Print Conductor offers a single interface for printing and converting various types of documents. You won’t encounter any problems – even if your system administrator installs a new version of Microsoft Office or Autodesk AutoCAD.

Print Conductor is a clever software solution for all your batch printing needs. Consider how Print Conductor might make your document workflow less painful today—your noggin will thank you!

What's new in version 5.6:
* Added "Rows Number" column for easier navigation through the List of Documents
* Added ability to print several slides of a PowerPoint presentation file on the same page
* Fixed rendering of PDF files to PNG for "Print as image" mode
* Fixed issue with 1-Bit PNG image rendering
* Fixed issue with bad clipping rendering
* Fixed issue with inline image parsing
* Improved English and Swedish interface translation
* Fixed issue with ability to print documents and cover pages on different printer trays
* Fixed bug in Microsoft PowerPoint automation code
* Fixed bug in Microsoft Excel automation code
* Fixed issue with "Choose paper source by document page size" feature.

Информация о программе:
Год релиза: 2018
Название софта: Print Conductor 6.0.1802.5180
Статус: Shareware
Платформа/Система: Windows®ALL
Язык интерфейса: ML/RUS
Лечение: keygen-Vovan & crack
Вес архива: 67.00 MB

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