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The nightborne also spelled the Nightborne [2] or shal'dorei in the native tongue [3] [4] are a powerful and mystical race of elves who live in Suramar. Since the city was first separated from the rest of the world over 10, years ago, they are no longer true night elves and have evolved by the Nightwell into a unique elven species. The nightborne race owes much of its unique physical characteristics to its long dependence on the Nightwell , an ancient source of power crafted by Suramar's Highborne residents during the War of the Ancients. Over their lengthy isolation, the exposure of the nightborne to the Nightwell's energies gradually transformed them from their original Kaldorei night elven appearance to their present darker, more night-based form. At the climax of the War of the Ancients, as the Kaldorei Empire began to crumble, the night elves of Suramar City, led by the Highborne Elisande, erected an immensely powerful shield that protected and isolated the city from the remainder of the Legion that overran Azeroth and the erupting sundering.
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Can't start quest for Nightborne allied race

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Nightborne allied unlock - New/Returning Player Questions & Guides - World of Warcraft Forums

So my question here is, as the reputation requirements were removed from other allied races, is the insurrection requirement for the allied quest chain being reconsidered as well by blizzard? I mean as it is it is way bigger investment compared to other allied races. Is Insurrection really that much more work than completing Highmountain for the Tauren? More, yes, but so much more? Was a lot worse during Legion ofc when there were internal gates on progress. Took me two afternoons do unlock Nightborne, starting from zero.
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Nightborne (playable)

WoW Classic requires a subscription. Details here. In order to play as Nightborne characters, you must first recruit them to your cause. After meeting the requirements below, head to the Orgrimmar embassy to begin your quest. Located just south of the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar, the embassy was established to welcome new allies to the Horde.
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Please replace me with an appropriate Category:Stubs stub after the expansion is released. This article concerns content exclusive to Legion. The Nightborne also known as " shal'dorei " [1] are denizens of Suramar , [2] ancient night elves who protected themselves from the Sundering by erecting an impenetrable magical barrier after heroically fighting and defeating a major legion invasion through their city by using the Pillars of Creation to seal a demonic portal.
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