[PlayboyPlus] Jillisa Lynn in Tropical Princess

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[PlayboyPlus] Jillisa Lynn in Tropical Princess

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Jillisa Lynn is your Cybergirl of the Month for June 2017, and she’s your tropical princess in this set by photographer Holly Randall. “I was blessed to be photographed again by the amazing Holly Randall. She's such a pleasure to work with,” gushes the busty blonde. “She not only captures you so beautifully, but she pushes our sexiness for your viewing pleasure.” Pushing the envelope—and her curvy body—to the limit with back-bending poses, the blue-eyed beauty encapsulated the meaning of being a beach babe. “I got to wear a beautiful luau-inspired bikini and had a beautiful flower in my ear. I felt like I was on an island, but I was actually soaking up the sun on a gorgeous ranch in the valley of Los Angeles,” she says. Modeling is hard work so the New Yorker with curves for days takes the time to dehydrate with a tropical cocktail. “Many years ago, I auditioned for Playboy Plus in Ohio, but I was never called back. I didn't get discouraged though, I just thought maybe I haven't grown into my sex appeal yet,” she recalls. “This moment has been a long time coming so I'm more than honored to be awarded this title.” Honor Cybergirl Jillisa Lynn in our comment section, only on Playboy Plus.

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