[PlayboyPlus] Maya Rae - Bedroom Belle (2018)

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[PlayboyPlus] Maya Rae - Bedroom Belle (2018)
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Canadian beauty, Maya Rae is one of a kind. Gorgeous and so playful on set with photographer, Cassandra Keyes, Maya is dressed in all white atop her bedspread. A true natural beauty, she’s only been modeling for a few years but is so comfortable in front of our cameras. “I grew up in a pretty religious home, so posing nude is really exciting for me,” says Maya. “I feel like I’m still a church girl at heart, but now I get to show off my bold side!” Bold indeed, Maya begins taking off her bra, showing off her natural and perky, C cup breasts and before you know it, her panties are off too. Watch in awe as she rolls around on the bed, smiling and cracking jokes left and right. “As for my best qualities, I think I have nice lips—they’re really naturally full—and I’m known for my laugh and my smile. I know how to lighten the mood, and I’m hoping I can put a smile on your face, too,” she says to her fans. If you’re loving this sexy set from the irresistible, Maya Rae, let her know in the comment section below, right here on Playboy Plus!

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