I did you mom

Tired of Typos? Get Help Now! This always involves hyperbolic statements revolving around a personal trait that she may or may not possess. The Dozens is the game that gave birth to present-day your mom jokes.
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100 reasons to say I love you, Mom

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Urban Dictionary: I DID YOUR MOM

Sure, you talk to your parents, but what if you need to really talk? Maybe you have a problem you can't solve alone. Or it could be that you want to feel closer to your Mom and Dad. It's easy to say "Hi, Mom" or "Dad, can you pass the potatoes?
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Talking to Your Parents

Moms deserve more thanks and recognition than you could ever fit into one day. Lots more. What are some other reasons why you love your mom? Stacey Donovan has been a writer and editor at Hallmark for more than 20 years.
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A maternal insult , also referred to as a "Yo mama" joke , is a reference to a person's mother through the use of phrases such as "your mother" or other regional variants, frequently used to insult the target by way of their mother. Compared to other types of insults, "your mother" insults are especially likely to incite violence. Insults involving "your mother" are commonly used when playing the Dozens. Although the phrase has a long history of including a description portion, such as the old "your mother wears combat boots", the phrase "yo mama" by itself, without any qualifiers, has become commonly used as an all-purpose insult [1] or an expression of defiance.
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