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Because of that, a lot of animators bury sexual innuendos, drug references, dirty one-liners or other adult-themed jokes within the spit-shined world of their shows. And there are more than you might think. The Powerpuff Girls explain to their new friend Robin that the Professor created them in a lab by accident, which prompts Robin to reveal that she came into existence under the same circumstances. You see where this is going.
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79 Dirty Adult Jokes Hidden In Cartoons That You Totally Missed As A Kid

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Big Mouth follows a bunch of kids navigating their way through puberty. From wet dreams to periods, to drugs — no topic is safe from getting the hilariously cringey Big Mouth treatment. If you watch it you'll be laughing your head off while thanking your stars that puberty is a thing of the past for you. This might not sound like your typical cartoon, but if you like satire and have a dark sense of humour, this is perfect for you. Buttercup, Bubbles, and Blossom are the most relatable superheroes you'll ever see, and if you were a '90s kid, you'll love all the jokes that went over your head back then. The adventures of Morty and his scientist granddad Rick will keep you hooked and wanting to watch all three seasons in one go.
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Funny Adult Cartoon Quotes

As a medium, cartoons can be a misunderstood as a form of entertainment reserved for children and hardcore fans of Family Guy. In actuality, there is a large population of adults who consume both old cartoons they watched as kids and new cartoons targeted toward adults. These shows can illustrate both youthful and grown-up themes while still serving as a great escape from the stressful world.
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As children, we all loved watching cartoons. For us, they were just colorful and lovable shows with interesting characters. You have to wonder how these slipped through. This film featured two con artists who get stranded on an island, and mistakenly get treated like royalty by the inhabitants.
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