Nintendo ds and the older adult

Video game interventions with the aim to improve cognition have shown promise for both younger e. Most studies suggest that fast-paced action games produce the largest benefits, but a recent video game intervention with older adults found that an action game intervention can result in poor adherence Boot et al. To increase intervention adherence, we investigated older adult video game preferences that might bolster adherence by having participants play a competitive game Mario Kart DS or a cooperative game Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga alone or with a partner. Although hypotheses regarding cooperative and multi-player gameplay were not supported, converging evidence suggests multi-player game play may lead to greater enjoyment, which was related to intervention adherence in a previous study Boot et al. Insights for gaming intervention studies in older populations are also provided.
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Brain-training game a hit with older adults

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Technology and Gaming for the Elderly | Elderly Care | Elder

Book a free telephone consultation and one of our care planning experts will give you a call whenever is convenient for you. We talked to her about the potential of technology and digital gaming to improve wellbeing and facilitate exercise in later life. The benefits might include reducing social isolation , increasing the time spent with and engagement with children and grandchildren or even friends — and the ability to improve health. The Nintendo Wii allowed those who were less mobile to still play games on the Wii Sports — and without necessarily having to have prior knowledge of the sport. Everyone is largely focusing on the baby boomers at the moment, but there are age cohorts that still require investigation. The population is ageing, and we as researchers need to understand the needs and requirements of older generations to have the ability to provide solutions that will help to maintain active, healthy ageing, now and in the future. The youngest Baby Boomers will be or have turned 53 this year, while the oldest will be or have turned 71 years old ; and the latter may have had a different type of technology experience to those at the bottom of the cohort.
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Video games for the elderly: an answer to dementia or a marketing tool?

Other recent DS software hits let players study English, raise a virtual puppy, or converse with animals in an imaginary village — all departures from traditional games that cater to young males with a focus on sports, shootings and fist fights. Brain Training puts players on a daily regimen of number games, word puzzles and reading exercises. It also lets players test their intelligence levels through IQ-type quizzes. It saves the results so progress can be tracked or compared with others. The game has sold 3.
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At the start of her day, Audrey Buchanan puts on her large, round-framed glasses and walks into her kitchen, where she makes herself a bowl of cereal and opens her Nintendo 3DS XL, a handheld gaming system. As a senior gamer, Buchanan has plenty of company. She is one of a growing number of Americans over 50 who are playing video games as a way to remain socially connected and cognitively sharp in a world that continues to expand into the digital realm. The growth comes amid a larger boom not just in video games but also in the expansion of competition and culture around gaming — as well as a better understanding of the impact video games can have on their players. Carpal tunnel in one hand has made it hard for her to hold the Nintendo 3DS XL, so she tries to keep it on the counter.
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